Calvary Baptist Church is a group of everyday people
with everyday joys and sorrows.  At some point in our
lives, the members of Calvary each came to the
realization that the sin in our lives separated us from
God, and we had no hope of ever being in His
presence.  But then we met Jesus.  Through His
sacrifice and payment for our sins, we were born again
and are now called the children of God.  Now we have
banded together to follow our Lord and to be His
hands and feet on this earth.  Our primary goals are to
reach other people with the Good News of Christ, to
help each other to grow in our personal relationships
with Jesus, to connect meaningfully with other
Christians, to serve one another and our community,
and to devote ourselves to the worship of our
awesome Lord and Savior!
About Us
Calvary Baptist Church